Site Surveys / Analysis

Our motto: It is the coverage that is required, not the system.

Before designing a distributed antenna system, it is important to establish if a system is even needed. Based on the building location, surroundings, or materials used in construction, you may already have coverage in the building or on certain floors.  

DAS Link engineers will perform a site survey and analysis, measuring the levels of coverage in every nook and cranny to determine what system, if any, may be needed. Using the industry's leading software, our experts can define your specific needs.

If it is determined that a system is needed based upon the the results of the analysis, our DAS Link engineers set to work, interpreting the results and configuring the best coverage for the in-building wireless. The engineers streamline the process, selecting the correct components and placement that will provide the most concise coverage. The engineers will produce and submit reports for coverage production, layout of design, electromagnetic field report, and link budget reports.

The site survey and analysis will guarantee that the best results are produced, guaranteeing that you have a robust indoor wireless network, complete with the documentation needed for submittable requirements, bill & materials, and safety compliance for the optimum coverage.