Design / Engineering

Designing a distributed antenna system requires an acute understanding of each jurisdictions' requirements, as well as an understanding of the frequency emergency responders radio coverage operates on in that given jurisdiction. 

For a system combined with cell carrier coverage, close relationships must be maintained in order to understand their current and future technologies, as well as their requirements to broadcast carrier coverage within the building.

Our engineers are fluent in distributed antenna system designs and laws governing jurisdictions, and can design systems that allow for enough gain to comply with all cell carriers. They design to present capacity and spectrum requirements set forth by all entities, while anticipating potential growth in the future. 

DAS Link engineers know all the vendor offerings our Manufacturer Partners carry in order to ensure the best solution and parts are selected for your specific distributed antenna system needs. 

Working hand in hand with contractors in the design phase, DAS Link Engineers are able to identify potential issues and create solutions before they are ever a problem.

DAS Link engineers will provide a complete design with predicted coverage and total estimated cost, along with appropriate approvals from carriers and authorities have jurisdiction prior to installation.