What is DAS Link?

DAS Link is a partner program designed to provide contractors with the engineering expertise to  supply custom solutions for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The DAS Link Partner Program ensures that the goals of the client are met while deploying cost-effective, state of the art systems that meet jurisdiction and carrier guidelines. Whether you need a system for a new building or retrofitting an existing building, DAS Link is here to prepare an expert system to meet every need. 


Why DAS?

DAS, or Distributed Antenna Systems, play a critical role in providing reliable access to in-building wireless services to support voice, data and multimedia applications across all industries. Construction techniques and materials weaken or even block external wireless communications. DAS is designed to amplify wireless coverage within these structures, and support radio and cell phones to work no matter where you are in the building. 

Blocked radio reception is a particular problem for first responders in large buildings, who depend on unobstructed communication to ensure the safety of themselves and others in emergency situations. The events of 9/11 highlighted the need for reliable radio coverage in large buildings. Firefighters attempted to make calls outside, and because of poor signals, were not able to. 

DAS systems allow emergency radio signals to be received in any part of the largest, most complex facilities, and also ensure that cell phone signals are accessible for employees, customers and business operations. 

Codes & Regulations

In 2009, the International Fire Code (IFC) mandated that Emergency Responder Radio Coverage be provided in all new buildings, with a signal strength of 95% in all areas of the building as a direct result on the attack on the World Trade Centers. Along these lines, IFC 510 suggests that all existing buildings should be retrofitted with emergency radio coverage if the existing wired system is not able to accommodate the coverage designated by each jurisdiction.

To date, 30 states have adopted codes that apply to first responder coverage. Specific codes are set by State, County and City requirements. DAS Link engineers know and can decipher current jurisdiction standards, and design systems easily adaptable for future codes and regulations. 

Cellular Technology

Over 75% of all cellular phone calls originate indoors, and that number is rising as more devices hit the market each year. Installing a distributed antenna system for mobile device coverage in addition to the emergency responder radio system gives building owners an added incentive for tenants by enabling the use of mobile devices throughout the building for a fraction of the cost. 

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